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Why CMS Joomla?

Since beginning of websites creations, operated by CMS (a control system of contents), disputes of opponents and adherents free-of-charge CMS do not cease. And it is clear – it is competition, paid control systems are created to be for sale.


Joomla! Is one of the most powerful Control systems of Contents with the Open Code (Open Source CMS) on our planet. The openness of a code means, that it is free-of-charge and can be modified by the developer under own requirements. It is used worldwide for everything, from simple sites up to complex corporate appendices. Joomla! is easily installed, it is simple in management and reliable.


In given article we shall consider the basic questions at issue, arguments of opponents and supporters free-of-charge CMS.

 Free-of-charge control systems are written "on knee" and do not provide a necessary degree of site protection from breaking by malefactors.

On a website of Web Secure Group Company is official press release, devoted to results of competition « Deface real-time compo » (Search of vulnerability of a server) from the International festival Chaos Constructions` held in August 2006. Within the limits of this competition, in period of two days and one night, participants tried to find vulnerability in the control system of site Joomla established on servers of festival organizers. Constantly in a mode online was up to 150 people.

By results of the above-stated competition the control system of site Joomla has shown a high degree of security and has resisted at the massed attack from information safety experts. Thus, company Web Secure Group declares system reliable and recommends to operation, and also gives corresponding certificate.



Free-of-charge CMS are made by enthusiasts-singles or nonprofessionals group and consequently cannot be provided with necessary technical support.

Actually, the situation in given question is different. In writing cleanly commercial CMS, intended for sale, first of all the aim - "the maximal output of a product with the minimal expenses" is laid down. And it is clear, work of the programmer is not cheap, use of excessive man-hours leads to price rise of a product. Also in view of cleanly commercial applicability CMS, for its writing and testing the limited quantity of programmers and testers is involved.

In a writing of control system Joomla participated many professional programmers from all over the world, today CMS work-input is more than 1million Man-hours. The system is in constant development and improvement; it is possible to receive consultation on CMS work without problems.

Here it would be desirable to note one more moment. In the WEB-development market there are many site control systems which are written by programmers alone for concrete customers. Unfortunately, the operational experience of author with similar CMS specifies possess weak function and cannot provide development of a resource according to new requirements. It is simply impossible to bypass a command alone!



Free-of-charge control systems cannot provide all functional requirements of customer, are complicated in management and their development needs long time - unlike paid CMS, where creation of a website is accessible to any housewife.

About housewives I did not composed, it is from advertising of some CMS! But unfortunately, create a website "hurriedly" is not possible to anybody, not to any housewife. Every product demands steadfast studying and development. So this postulate – is nothing more than one more usual advertising gimmick.

Now concerning maintenance and customer site functionality requirements. Today the huge quantity of expansions with most specific opportunities is already written. In case of other special requirements it is necessary to remember, that CMS Joomla is a system with the open code, and can be adapted for specific targets.

In case of service – work with site content can be performed by company employee with average level computer skills. In many cases there is no necessity to come in administrative part of a control system - changes can be made from the visible part of a site.



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