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How to order a website?

   At all simplicity of a question - how to order a website? Yes, to call in studio, to pay the order and they will make it! - Experience of the author prompts that not all is so simple. At conversation of the executor with the customer situation happens, when the parties simply do not know how to find common language. And it explains simply - organization or private person, decided to make a good site, are not professionals in this area. Otherwise they would make by themselves a site, not addressing to studio...


  To better understand the customer, to take something for development design-project basis of the future site, the method of filling of so-called questionnaire is used. Most likely - many collided with such method at the employment, many work with this method by themselves. Efficiency of this methods is that the person unfamiliar with technology of creation of a WEB-site, has an opportunity more precisely to formulate own wishes with the help of the special questionnaire in which the basic questions for structure formation of the future site are settled.


  You can download our questionnaire and take a look at it. Probably - it will help you to be defined with a choice of creation direction and development of your WEB-site.


 The second important question - how big are the costs and how quickly will work be done?

In occasion of costs - it has been decided not to make fixed price. The reason is simple - there are no 2 identical projects, in each case it is always necessary to solve various, sometimes non-standard questions. Therefore it is possible to tell - costs of projects are contractual. It is calculated from costs of individual design (in case of such order) and costs of necessary customer’s functions.


  In particular I can add – if project will be positioned as socially significant, or it will seem very interesting and during same time will be very low-cost - development of the site software will be made under most minimal quotations or even free-of-charge. As the example - if Children’s Home will want to have the site on Internet, and Children’s Home artists will draw this project- studio will make development of a program part absolutely free of charge.


Anyway, for acquaintance with a price range I shall result 2 variants of a website:

- Typical site with custom-made original design, with all options of a corporate site: practically unlimited number of pages, guestbook, photo gallery, forms of a feedback with visitors – $949

- Same 1 variant, but with expanded function - added goods catalogue (Internet-shop) – $1499

  The prices are given without VAT.


DatsoPic 1.0 © 2006 by Andrey DatsoHow quickly the site is done?

By experience of creation a valid (i.e. good, without mistakes of reading by various browsers) site is possible to tell, that to make the good project within 2-3 days is impossible. Well, unless this 3 day do nothing else and not sleep even...... For this reason in our contract terms of work performance are incorporated:

- Development and coordination of design - from 20 days. It is the longest stage in work.

- Development of a program part - 10 days, can be increased depending on complexity of the project.


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